How to choose paint colors for a transitional style

If you’re looking to create a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere in your home, then transitional-style decor is perfect for you. This design style embodies the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, creating a timeless and personalized appeal to your House. One key aspect of transitional decor is the color schemes used, which typically features warm neutrals, rich jewel tones, and soft shades. In this article, we’ll explore versatile color combinations that bridge traditional and contemporary aesthetics in a transitional-style home.

Understanding Transitional Style

Transitional style homes are designed with clean, streamlined silhouettes and high-quality materials, mixed with classic detailing such as molding and paneling. This style combines the best of both worlds, so it’s both modern and traditional.

The transitional style’s interior usually includes:

  • Neutral color palettes
  • Straight lines
  • Subtle curves
  • Textural elements like wood, stone, and metal
  • Bold statements in furniture and accessories
  • Mix of traditional and updated elements

A transitional-style home needs to have a fluid and cohesive look, so it’s important to have a color scheme that balances traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Warm Neutrals Meets Bold Accents

Warm neutrals are a staple color palette when designing a transitional home style. They create a foundation of calm and balance, and they perfectly set the stage for pops of bold accents. You can’t go wrong with shades of beige, gray or white. However, don’t shy away from bolder hues like burnt orange or navy blue. Combining these bold accents with neutral hues creates a balance that carries both warm and cool tones.

  • Navy and Beige- Navy is the perfect contrast to beige. Add in fun pops like greenery and metallic accents to create a complete look.
  • Gray and Orange- Gray is a timeless neutral shade, and the striking orange adds dimension and personality to space.
  • White and Tan- The warm tan and white combination creates an airy transformative atmosphere. Add subtle touches of green and blue to achieve a stunning look.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones have a long-standing place in traditional interior design, and they make a lovely contrast to transitional-style homes. When paired correctly, jewel tones add a luxurious element to space, and they can also draw a person’s eye towards the specific piece of furniture or artwork in the room.

Traditional colors like jewel tones can effortlessly merge with contemporary colors like metallic hues, creating a nice balance between classic and modern. Here are some beautiful jewel tone combinations that bridge traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

  • Emerald and Gold- Green is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, and gold reflects riches and luxury. The combination of emerald greens from jewel tones with shades of gold together creates an impressive world of glam.
  • Plum and Silver- A regal color meets a modern hue. This color palette is combining the darker and lighter shades of plum with silver creates a perfect look of elegance and sophistication.
  • Ruby and Brass- Ruby red shines even brighter with brass accents. This combination creates a sense of warmth, exciting energy, and vibrancy.

Soft Shades

A soft color palette can add a serene touch to your transitional style home. The soft shades can pierce the sophistication of your home, bringing a sense of peaceful calm. There’s an abundance of choices available when it comes to soft shades.

  • Blush and Gray- Fairly light and romantic with different takes- the blush creates a serene and peaceful aura, while gray anchors the base adding structure and calm.
  • Sky Blue and Cream- The perfect shade of blue adds a refreshing take to your home, and it also gives a sense of calm and soothing. When paired with cream, it maintains a soft, airy feeling,
  • Pale Yellow and Soft Green- These two colors are the epitome of tranquility and joy. Yellow is often associated with happiness and joy. However, when you pair it with green shades, it creates a peaceful balance.

FAQS about Transitional Style Homes

  • What is a transitional home style?

Transitional home style refers to a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. It typically includes neutral color palettes, straight lines mixed with subtle curves, textural elements like wood, stone and metal, bold statements in furniture, and accessories.

  • What are the color schemes for transitional-style homes?

A transitional-style home typically includes neutral color palettes, warm neutrals, rich jewel tones, and soft shades.

  • What are the elements of a transitional-style home?

Transitional-style homes have clean, streamlined silhouettes and high-quality materials mixed with classic detailing such as molding and paneling, mixed with traditional and updated elements.


In conclusion, transitional-style home decor offers an ideal fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. When it comes to color schemes, it’s crucial to blend these two aesthetics seamlessly to create a cohesive look. The right color combinations should embellish the space, giving it life and personality. With these versatile color combinations, you can design a transitional-style home that’s both elegant and contemporary, creating a perfect balance of old and new.

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