How to choose paint colors for a gender-neutral nursery

As more parents opt to keep their baby’s gender a surprise or choose to raise their child without traditional gender roles, gender-neutral nursery designs have become increasingly popular. Creating a gender-neutral nursery doesn’t mean sacrificing style or personality. With the right color scheme and design elements, you can create a warm and inviting space for your little one. In this article, we’ll explore different color schemes and ideas for creating a versatile nursery design that is suitable for any baby.

Gender-Neutral Color Schemes

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your gender-neutral nursery, there are several options to consider. You’ll want to select colors that are not necessarily associated with a particular gender but still create a cohesive and inviting space. Some popular gender-neutral color schemes include:

1. Grey and White

Grey and white are perfect for parents who want a clean and sophisticated look with a touch of elegance. Grey and white color schemes also provide an excellent backdrop for accent colors, such as yellow or green.

2. Beige and Cream

Beige and cream are classic and timeless color choices for gender-neutral nurseries. These colors create a warm and calming atmosphere, making them perfect for baby’s room.

3. Mint and Yellow

Mint and yellow are a fun and playful combination of colors that provide a bright and cheerful ambiance to your nursery. Mint and yellow are perfect for parents who want to add a splash of color to their little one’s space.

4. Black and White

Black and white are a striking combination that can create a sleek and modern look to your nursery. Black and white color schemes provide sharp contrast and create a bold statement.

Ideas for a Gender-Neutral Nursery

Once you have a color scheme in mind, it’s time to start incorporating design elements that will make your nursery unique and functional. Here are some ideas to inspire your gender-neutral nursery design:

1. Choose Gender-Neutral Wall Art

Wall art can add personality to your nursery design, create focal points, and reinforce your theme. Choose wall art that features animals, natural motifs, or geometric shapes that match your color scheme.

2. Opt for Gender-Neutral Bedding

Bedding is essential to any nursery since it provides a cozy and comfortable place for your baby to sleep. When selecting bedding, choose ones that feature gender-neutral designs such as polka dots, stripes, or solids. Consider using a patterned crib sheet with coordinating solid color blankets or quilts to provide warmth and texture.

3. Incorporate Plants and Natural Elements

Adding plants and natural elements to your nursery can promote tranquillity and contribute to a soothing atmosphere. A few plants, such as succulents or ferns, can add life to your space, making it feel more homey and welcoming.

4. Use Versatile Furniture

Versatile furniture can grow with your child and adapt to different stages of their development. A convertible crib that turns into a toddler bed or a changing table that doubles as a dresser can save you money in the long run.

5. Avoid Stereotypical Gender Roles

Avoid design elements that promote gender stereotypes, such as sports or princess themes. Instead, use themes like nature or travel that can resonate with both boys and girls.


Q: What items should I include in my gender-neutral nursery?

A: Items you should include in your gender-neutral nursery include bedding, furniture, lighting, wall art, storage, and decor.

Q: What colors are considered gender-neutral?

A: Popular gender-neutral colors include grey and white, beige and cream, mint and yellow, and black and white.

Q: How do I decorate a gender-neutral nursery?

A: To decorate a gender-neutral nursery, choose a color scheme that is not gender-specific and includes design elements that are fun, functional, and memorable.


Designing a gender-neutral nursery can be a fun and exciting way to express your style and personality while creating a comfortable and welcoming space for your little bundle of joy. By incorporating versatile and timeless design elements along with a cohesive color scheme, you’re sure to create a functional and visually appealing gender-neutral nursery that your baby will love and grow with.

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